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About Clifix

7(seven) Core Values

  • 01
    Highest standards of services

    Our clients include many of the corporations that are at the forefront of the Japanese economy. We are proud that our know-how on accounting and tax issues that have been accumulated through relationships with those clients is top-class in Japan. Our partners who have top-tier expertise and in-depth experience, and our talented professionals who constantly strive to improve and upskill provide the highest standards of services.
  • 02
    Prompt services

    We strongly recognize the importance of "prompt" services. As a rule, we give replies to inquiries "within the same day whenever possible or within one business day at the latest". We also provide rapid-response services for account settlement works. Many of our clients close their accounts within five business days of the following month in the case of monthly closing of accounts and ten business days in the case of year-end closing, and we support in such prompt account settlements works. 1 Excluding special cases and cases that require coordination of conflicting interests.
  • 03
    Communication with clients

    Each client has a different need. Some cases require in-depth discussions while others give the highest priority to speedy services. Sufficient communication with clients allows us to understand the particular situations of clients. Maintaining good communication with clients also underpins the following #04 and #05.
  • 04
    Active proposals

    We do not merely wait for clients to come up with issues. We look into the underlying needs of clients and proactively offer proposals for solution. For example, if we notice that a minor change in transaction would qualify a company for preferential taxation, we give such advice to client. Or, if there are measures to apply under the Commercial Code to corporate structures that would be beneficial to clients, we will make sure to bring them to clients’ notice. We are able to offer such solutions in a timely manner only because we have in-depth understanding of our clients’ situations.
  • 05
    Advice to management
    We have observed managerial approaches of various clients. Among them there are many successful cases that can be utilized by other companies, or contrary there are many other examples that serve as valuable lessons. At the same time, as outside viewers, we can provide an objective opinion of what is going on within a company. To share our know-how and experience with clients, we often attend the board meetings and give advice to management upon requests of clients.
  • 06
    One-stop service
    To reach the best solution, we often need access to the right information at the right time such as legal advice and other expert’s advice, as well as accounting and tax matters. In such a case, it would be a significant burden for clients to look for someone with sufficient knowledge and experience, and to coordinate everything they need. At Clifix, we fulfill it. Our greatest strength is our ability to offer a "one-stop service" for a complete range of accounting and tax needs. We are able to provide a coordinated approach to accounting and tax services that combine the best of our knowledge and top-level experts’ knowledge from a broad range of fields. We can also give clients referrals to appropriate specialists such as our affiliated lawyers, auditing firms, and judicial scriveners as needed.
  • 07
    Reasonable fees / charges

    Even when we provide "highest standards of service", we can’t call it "Client First" unless fees / charges are reasonable. We provide above services at satisfactory level of fee settings.