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To Our Clients

Client First Clifix

Though now we often see the word "Client First",
it has been a basic philosophy of our company since its incorporation,
it is an origin of us, and it is the word that represents how we should be.

To realize "Client First";
● We must keep learning to improve our ability so that we can always provide the highest quality of services to our clients.
● We must have a sincere desire to be helpful to our clients.

However, it's not easy to make good on and keep these commitments.

Clifix Certified Public Tax Accountants’ Corporation promises to make good on and keep these two commitments.

We believe that only making good on these two commitments and getting people to recognize our achievements bring benefits to all stakeholders of our company (management and employees, clients and other connected parties).

We place our desire(Client First)in our company name "Clifix".

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