To be a true professional

Four elements required of true professionals appreciated by clients

We are looking for talent with the potential to become true professionals appreciated by clients and to take active roles in our firm. We expect all successful candidates who join our firm to grow to be true professionals based on four elements we uphold as requirements for true professionals. To this end, we are committed to talent development.

We hope you would understand our talent development philosophy and become interested in our various training programs, personal evaluation system and career paths aimed at developing talents.

Let’s grow big and become true professionals!

1. Providing best quality services at all times

We are selected by major financial institutions and other first-rate corporations that represent Japan, as well as promising venture firms, because we provide high-quality services. It is never easy to continuously provide the highest quality services, and we believe that those who can keep doing so are the true professionals.

Our talent development system that employs various approaches guides the path toward true professionals, which establishes an environment in which we can grow as the firm as a whole.

2. Deep knowledge in the area of expertise

One of our firm’s strength is that we are capable of providing high value-added services based on deep (high-level) expertise. We require our professionals to have not only extensive and abundant knowledge but also deep expertise that is second to none.

We have a training system called the “research group” for acquiring deeper expertise. By strengthening expertise through study sessions of the research group and sharing knowledge with other groups, we also boost our knowledge base across the firm.

3. Providing advice from tax and accounting perspectives

Given the divergence between tax and accounting affairs with both areas becoming increasingly complex, clients seek advice that incorporates both tax and accounting perspectives. Therefore, we need to take into account both aspects to provide integrated and sophisticated advice. We believe that a true professional must be able to provide such services

We do not divide duties between tax accountants and public accountants. This is because we expect our professionals to grow to be capable of responding to any client consultation by providing highly integrated advice from both tax and accounting perspectives.

4. Building relationships with clients

If we make recommendations that are irrelevant to clients’ needs, they would not make much sense to the clients even if they were good. Clients would appreciate only if we understood their current needs and were able to give pointed recommendations. Whether we can build trust relationships with and be accepted by clients is a critical element of our business operations.

Our senior staff members put emphasis on communications with clients based on their firm understanding on how important human connection and trust of clients are. In our firm, which places high importance on building trust relationships with clients, senior staff members will guide and help you to develop skills in communicating with clients with care, which you would never be able to learn from books only.

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