Business Succession

In addition to realizing the succession of businesses and assets to the next generation in accordance with owner’s intent as much as possible, we will fully support the succession for the continuous growth of the company.

Business succession support that makes the most of owner’s management decisions and assets

We assist business owners in their business succession to the next generation with their management decisions and important assets remaining as close to the current state as possible. Based on know-how acquired through abundant experience, we will respond to any client needs from the division of estate to tax investigations, in addition to minimizing inheritance taxes. Furthermore, instead of setting eyes on just temporary stability, we will provide business succession support upon thinking through what we can do for a company to achieve continued stability and growth.

Considerations covering the every changing tax system and speedy provision of recommendations

Japan’s tax system has been revised almost every year. In order to quickly grasp changes taking place in the area of business succession taxes and prevent loss of assets built by business owners, it is essential to have a group of professionals with experience and knowledge. Clifix can provide support and recommendations, quickly responding to frequent revisions to Japan’s tax system. We will always strive to make the best recommendation in order to achieve the continuous stability in the business you have run.

Clifix’s total support for business succession

Calculation of inheritance taxes

Because the amount of taxes on inherited property is determined at the point of starting the inheritance process in many cases, it is necessary to prepare for it during the life of the owner.

Inheritance and business succession consulting

Even if most of inherited assets are the company’s own stocks and there is no fund to pay inheritance taxes, we will examine and recommend best actions to be taken.

Considering and deciding business and asset succession policy

We take into consideration not only primary inheritance but also secondary inheritance and income taxes thereafter in recommending succession methods. In addition, if you wish, we can introduce M&A or business transfer opportunities.

Developing and executing solutions

We suggest optimum methods depending on the circumstances, such as establishing a holding company, transferring company’s own shares, having treasury shares purchased by the company, and introducing shares of class stock, and support their execution. We also support the consideration and implementation of schemes concerning the payment deferral system for inheritance and gift tax.

Advice on funding tax payments

We provide recommendations for optimum tax payment methods, considering, among other means, deferred payment and paying taxes in kind.

Follow-ups after business succession

After business succession, we also strive to provide best recommendations and quick responses, taking into account secondary inheritance and corporate/income taxes.

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