Support for Foreign-Affiliated Companies

We assist the development of companies operating globally.

Global business support

It involves many complex administrative tasks for a foreign corporation to set up its base in Japan and start operating businesses or for Japanese corporation to expand its business into overseas markets. These tasks need to be handled quickly based on expertise in various areas, such as whether certain documents should be filed and issues concerning social insurance. Clifix will provide full support for these tasks, making the most of its know-how and assigning our professionals with overseas posting experience. By engaging us to deal with these burdensome tasks, you can devote to your core businesses and focus on your business expansion activity.

Clifix’s business expansion consulting for global companies


Clifix’s support for foreign-affiliated companies


Assisting foreign companies in expanding into Japan

A foreign company expanding into Japan to operate globally would face many complex tasks. Clifix is capable of handling various arrangements, such as the registration of incorporation, and tax/social insurance-related filings for a Japanese subsidiary, branch office or representative office of a foreign company. This enables you to focus on your core business activity.

Accounting and tax outsourcing services

For a foreign company planning to set up its base in Japan, our experienced staff can conduct account processing on behalf of the client in accordance with Japanese accounting standards. We can flexibly respond to your needs, such as submitting various reports to the parent company in a tight schedule.
Our staff can provide the following services:

  • Monthly and annual financial closing services
  • Providing accounting and tax advice
  • Preparing consolidated financial statements with the parent company

Tax return filing in Japan for non-Japanese staff

We can also support specific tax return filings for non-Japanese expats sent by the parent company, such as judgment on whether the person is treated as a resident or non-residence and application of foreign tax credit.