Outsourcing Services

We provide accounting staff outsourcing services in accordance with your needs.

In response to changes to accounting standards and tax revisions, which occur almost every year, daily accounting operations also need to be adjusted to comply with the changes. Significant costs would be required to internally train and retain accounting staff who can respond to all of such changes. Furthermore, it is not necessarily efficient use of management resources to internally have a variety of talents from those who handle simple daily bookkeeping tasks to those who prepare consolidated financial statements and financial statements under IFRS and USGAAP while the headcount is limited. In such cases, dividing accounting tasks and outsourcing some of them would improve the efficiency of your back office functions and enable deployment of personnel to strategic functions. Clifix, as a group of professionals with up-to-date accounting and tax knowledge, provide support to your accounting function in accordance with your needs.

We provide outsourcing services tailored to best suit our clients from start-ups to mid-sized firms. In addition, in cases in which handling tasks at a client’s office is more efficient, we sometimes visit client’s office for the work, responding to clients’ needs.

Our outsourcing services

  • Preparation of general ledger and other books, trial balance, financial analysis chart
  • Supporting management accounting formulation
  • Financial closing plan/work, preparation of financial statements
  • Preparation of various tax returns
  • Incorporation, registration, notice preparation
  • Payroll calculation, social insurance arrangements
  • Facilitating receipt of subsidies
  • Supporting preparation of financial statements under the Companies Act and securities reports
  • Cash management service

Clifix’s outsourcing support

Preparation of general ledger and other books, trial balance, financial analysis chart

We conduct journal entry/bookkeeping and prepare various accounting books in accordance with clients’ needs, being capable of handling various accounting software products. Moreover, we will improve processes from creation and processing of operational management data, such as sales, costs, personnel expenses and other expenses, and fixed assets to accounting book entries; enhance the reliability of accounting books; and enable smooth insourcing in the future.

Supporting management accounting formulation

For clients who would like to go further to understand proper profit/loss by product and project to make management decisions, we will provide support for establishing cost and profit management systems that also meet statutory accounting requirements.

Financial closing plan/work, preparation of financial statements

In addition to preparing financial statements that meet up-to-date accounting standards, setting eyes on public offering, we also create consolidated financial statements and consolidation packages for consolidated subsidiaries for consolidated closing of accounts. We can also prepare English financial statements and those that meet USGAAP requirements.

Preparation of various tax returns

Clifix prepares tax returns for corporate tax, income tax, consumption tax, local tax, and the like in a way that minimizes taxes while being tax compliant. You can also engage us for preparation of tax returns for a business year with complex arrangements for reorganization, consolidated tax payment, foreign tax credit and the like.

Incorporation, registration, notice preparation

We prepare tax filings in accordance with your needs in a timely manner, from notification of incorporation and application form for approval for filing a blue return for starting a new company to various filings for dissolution/liquidation, and other change notifications.

Payroll calculation, social insurance arrangements

We can respond to all sorts of requirements, including attendance management, payroll calculation, year-end tax adjustment, preparation of withholding tax certificate and statutory reports and social insurance arrangements. We can also provide comprehensive advice on labor relations by a certified social insurance and labor consultant, such as preparation of employment rules and handling of overtime.

Facilitating receipt of subsidies

We support proactive receipt of subsidies by providing advice and recommendations concerning subsidies with high possibility of eligibility under the current circumstances as well as giving tips in advice for enabling receipt of subsidies for which you are almost eligible depending on your circumstances.

Supporting preparation of financial statements under the Companies Act and securities reports

In accordance with accounting standards and relevant laws, which are revised almost every year, we provide support in a quick manner.

Cash management service

Upon interviewing on details of your business, we will suggest reliable and efficient methods leveraging Clifix’s proprietary systems and based on its long experience and PC banking. We will reduce your workload as much as possible through cash management outsourcing services.

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